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4 Peaks is a leading provider of Home Performance Assessments in the mountain region.  We are a certified assessment partner of Energy Smart Colorado, Xcel Energy, Holy Cross Energy, High Country Conservation Center, and Walking Mountains Science Center.   Through these relationships, homeowners are eligible for rebates to lower the cost of your assessment.  For those that choose to move forward with performance upgrades, there are additional rebates and incentives from your utility provider.  As part of our service offerings, we process rebate submissions on behalf of our customers.  We will take care of all the details, you take advantage of the savings.

Our Home Performance Assessment provides you with an extensive and in-depth home review.  We look beyond the surface areas of your home to evaluate how your home is actually performing.   We use testing equipment such as Blower Door Assemblies, Infrared (IR) Cameras, Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitors, and Natural Gas Detectors.  We also provide digital radon testing for a reduced fee when combined with a home performance assessment.

Contact us to find out more information about our comprehensive assessment services addressing: comfort issues, building durability, indoor air quality, occupant safety, and energy efficiency. 

Depending on your location you may be eligible for a free assessment or one as low as $99.

Assessment Partners

4 Peaks is proud to partner with our local non-profits and program administrators.

Energy Smart Colorado

Energy Smart Colorado was formed in 2010 with the mission to make energy efficiency improvements simple and affordable for Colorado residents.  Since then the non-profit has expanded to provide services to 10 counties across the mountain and Western part of the state.  Through Energy Smart Colorado’s community partners, homeowners and businesses are provided with assessments, coaching on energy recommendations, access to financing (including rebates and loans), and connections to approved contractors like 4 Peaks. 

Energy Smart Colorado is helping communities and organizations advance community-based goals for efficiency or climate action by sharing resources, building capacity, and providing mutual support.

High Country Conservation Center

Serving Summit County, High Country Conservation Center (HC3) is the organizing non-profit for recycling, energy conservation, business sustainability, sustainable food, water resources, and climate change initiatives.  As the local partner for Energy Smart Colorado, HC3 administers the assessment program, provides homeowner rebates, and offers energy education.  Rebates for home performance improvements include: boiler or furnace replacement, water heaters, air sealing, insulation upgrades, crawlspace/basement improvements, window replacement, LED lighting, and solar PV.   

Walking Mountains Science Center

Walking Mountains Science Center (WMSC) provides programs and education for environmental stewardship and sustainability in Eagle County.  As the local partner for Energy Smart Colorado, WMSC administers the assessment program, provides direct install items, offers homeowner rebates, and encourages environmentally responsible choices.  The program offers: home performance assessments, free energy advising, radon test kits, access to local qualified contractors. energy site-visits for businesses, access to rebates & financing and workshops & training.

Home Performance Assessment

Home Performance Assessments provide a detailed review of your home with a comprehensive report and performance recommendations.

Home Performance Assessment


  •   Insulation Performance Review
  •   Infared Camera Images
  •   Blower Door Test
  •   Mechanical Systems & Appliances

Home Performance Assessment with Indoor Air Quality

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  •   Digitial Radon Test
  •   Combustion air with zonal testing
  •   Air quality analysis 
  •   VOC verification


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