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28 January, 2021

Welcome to the 4 Peaks! Providing solutions for property management companies. We are here to assist you with building performance.  Let's connect to see how we can deliver measurable results for you and your customers.

Have your customers ever mentioned noise as a nuisance on your property?

Noise complaints are one of the most common issues that customers have with properties. Noise complaints are usually due to unintentionally loud neighbors, road noise, and lack of adequate sound barriers. In multi-family communities, there will be some sound infiltration, but when the noise becomes more than an inconvenience, you should look into sound isolation.

Properties that are centrally located are highly sought after by customers, but the road noise associated with these locations may result in complaints. 4 Peaks knows how to identify areas where road noise is infiltrating the building and has attainable solutions to target and eliminate road noise. Your customers can enjoy the beauty and location of your property without compromising the peaceful atmosphere inside.

From short-term rentals to family homes, neighbor noise is a large problem for properties. Does anyone in your complex play the drums, have children, blast music all night long, or just walk loudly? If your customers are complaining about the noise from neighbors you can suggest 4 Peaks to provide sound isolation solutions. We can target noise coming through a single wall or ceiling, soundproof an entire unit, or spot target specific areas to fit your customer needs.

Offer Soundproofing as a Service to your Customers

  • Make your Customers Happier
  • Meet your customer's needs and make them feel heard.
  • Keep them satisfied by providing attainable solutions that address their problems
  • Increase the Value of your Property

A home with low noise pollution is a huge selling point for new customers. Increase your property value by soundproofing your buildings.

We work with You & Your Property

We work with your specific property to find the most efficient and manageable ways to target the noise bothering your customers. 4 Peaks is an approved contractor for the Building Performance Institute. We test your properties for potential energy savings, mold & moisture issues, indoor air quality, and building durability. We provide a detailed report outlining areas of concern and recommended home improvements.  Our performance upgrades will make houses more valuable as they lower energy bills, make the home healthier, and create a comfier environment for residents.

We are here to help you and your customers!

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28 January, 2021


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