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4 Peaks offers homeowner services you can trust.  Combining our team’s building science knowledge and years of retrofit construction experience, we deliver impactful results for you.

Through our Home Performance Assessment program, we provide a complete diagnostic review of your home with a comprehensive report detailing key performance measurements.  Our construction professionals are trained to install solutions specified by our Building Performance Experts.  Then after the work is completed, we perform another performance test to verify the project results. 

We test and verify project results.  Let us show you the difference we can make.

Comfort & Livability

We are ready to assist you by addressing comfort issues and any other concerns you may have about your home.  Many homeowners have identified inconsistent comfort levels in certain areas of the home.  This would include colder rooms in the winter, upstairs sleeping levels that become uncomfortably hot in the summer months, or living rooms with great views that need to keep the blinds closed to avoid overheating from intense sunlight.  All of these can be addressed with our proven building science solutions.  Comfort issues are the most common concerns identified by our customers, regardless of the home’s age. 

Another homeowner concern we address is attributed to unwanted sound or noise entering your living space.  Multifamily buildings with upstairs neighbors, hearing someone’s entertainment systems, or noise from common areas and public stairways.  We also address noise coming from outside the building either from vehicle traffic or general noise from groups of people.

Healthy Homes & Indoor Air Quality

We investigate ventilation, moisture management, and sources of air contamination.


Radon is a common concern in our Colorado mountain communities.  Colorado is located in Zone 1, which represents high radon potential.  Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that comes from the breakdown of uranium in the soil beneath your home.  Radon enters your home through tiny cracks in your foundation or from an unconditioned crawl space.  According to the Colorado Department of Public Health, about 50% of homes have radon levels higher than the EPA’s acceptable levels  Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US.  Without proper testing this odorless, colorless gas will go undetected in your home.

There are simple mail-in home test kits available to determine the level of radon in your home or 4 Peaks has the equipment to digitally test your radon levels over a set period of time.  Either method will work to identify radon levels in a home.  The benefit of our digital equipment test, is the ability to chart realtime data samples that indicate when levels will rise or drop over the test period.  With the ability to see radon level variations, our building scientists have a greater ability to identify problem areas and develop a solution to reduce the radon level to an acceptable level.  The World Health Organization recommends action be taken if levels are above 2.0 pCi/L and the EPA recommends action be taken if levels are greater than 4.0 pCi/L.

Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV)

Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) are mechanical ventilation systems used to reduce the heating and cooling demands, while providing the opportunity to filter the air entering your home.  The benefit of these energy saving systems occurs when the system exchanges inside conditioned air with fresh outside air.  During this exchange the system maintains at least 75% of the heat from the inside air by preheating the colder outside air as it enters the home.  After a home’s performance is improved with added insulation and proper air sealing, we recommend homeowners manage ventilation with specified controls.  It’s important to maintain a healthy amount of fresh air entering your living space.  This managed air supply also has the ability to incorporate HEPA filters which greatly improves the quality of air entering your home.  Today’s challenges with dust, atmosphere impurities, and smoke will be managed so you can be assured your family is living in an efficient and healthy indoor environment.

Indoor Air Contaminants

VOC and toxic impurities are common issues affecting your indoor air quality.  Contamination from items stored or used in your home can cause an unhealthy living environment.  Our team of professionals will identify sources and provide recommendations to address unwanted pollutants in your home.  Many of these toxic elements go undetected and can cause occupant health issues.  We often work with people with allergies and respiratory conditions that require special attention to ensure unwanted episodes are not triggered in your home.  Our building science solutions will address your specific concern or we can perform a whole home assessment to identify unknown sources. 

Energy & Building Performance

Energy Performance

Improve your existing home’s performance and save money on your utilities.  We deliver verified results you will notice everyday.  Our process educates you on areas where performance improvements will provide the greatest returns for you and your family.  Almost all of our customers improve their energy performance by addressing underperforming insulation and sealing air leaks. 

Insulation Upgrades

Many homes, regardless of age, do not meet today’s advanced building code requirements for insulation.  Our skilled team of professionals will address key areas of the home to improve insulation performance.  Homes built without current performance standards can be improved by our proven techniques.  With our infrared cameras, we will find areas that have missing insulation, gaps between traditional fiberglass batts, or improperly installed products. For older homes that were built with lower performing code standards, the impact is two fold.  First they started with less insulation and then over time fiberglass batt insulation will lose its insulating properties.  We use the latest techniques and materials to improve your home’s insulation.  After the insulation upgrade is completed, we will test and verify to confirm the improvement.

Air Sealing

It’s typical for homes that are built to standard codes to not address common areas of air infiltration.  Our infrared inspection services identify areas of air leakage and pinpoints specific gaps in the building envelope that allow outside air to enter your home.  Our team of professionals will close gaps and seal areas where air is entering the home.  After the team is finished, we will verify the gaps were sealed by rechecking with our digital infrared cameras.  The before and after images demonstrate the work was completed to desired standards.

Building Durability

Colorado’s harsh climate is continually applying stress on your home.  Dramatic changes in daily temperature, wind gusts, snow loads, monsoon rainfall, and intense sun all are attacking your home, affecting its long term performance.  We know the weather challenges and have years of experience addressing issues that develop in our mountain communities.  It's common for our team to receive calls from customers who identified issues after the problem has developed into a critical situation.  Unfortunately when this occurs the cost to repair is much greater than if we would have proactively identified the issues earlier.  During our Home Performance Assessment, we inspect the external structure to identify problem areas that should be addressed.

Our team of construction professionals deliver solutions to address external water management, roof ice dams, frozen pipes that cause water damage, and internal moisture control.

Lighting Performance

Modern lighting fixtures are designed to use less energy and provide a welcoming light spectrum for homeowners.  In addition to using less energy, new ceiling fixtures also provide a tight air seal which reduces air leakage.  Proper installation is required to maximize the benefit from lighting improvements.  After installation our team will verify proper operation with our infrared cameras. 

Smart Home Technology

During the assessment process our team will evaluate other areas for reducing your energy usage.  This includes smart home technology, programmable thermostats, monitors, and timers to ensure the home is operating within target specifications.  Today’s controls are simple to operate and offer cost effect solutions to ensure your home is operating properly.

Equipment Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your heating or cooling equipment and appliances will improve energy efficiencies in your home.  In addition, if there are safety concerns with any equipment, we will identify those issues during your Home Performance Assessment.  Combustion appliances require proper ventilation and outside air supplies to operate within design specifications.  Our team will perform tests and verify safe operation. 

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a cost-effective way to create a personal energy source that is safe and environmentally friendly.  You have the ability to lock in your energy cost and provide clean energy for your home.  Systems will last for decades with minimal maintenance required.  We work with industry leading installers to ensure you are able to take advantage of incentives.  In addition, our partners offer financing options to reduce your upfront cost for long lasting renewable energy.  Renewable energy includes both electrical PV systems and solar water heating systems.

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